Wednesday, September 24, 2008

its getting cold!

Its getting cold in Beijing!
Riding my bike is not a sticky situation anymore... and as animals are looking for warm places to relax, a few things have been going on....

a) Yesterday i was in my first bike crash! A scooter ran into my back wheel as i was turning and it bent it 90*. I did not get hurt at all. But it is a very funny situation this one. 
In the middle of a small intersection with a destroyed bike. I look at the guy on the scooter (not chinese) and i smile at him. He looks absolutely devastated. I was afraid he might have gotten hurt or something. So i ask him... 
'Are YOU ok?' 

and he does not answer... his eyes are big and head is once again i ask him

'Did YOU get hurt?'

some seconds pass.. which when you are in the middle of an intersection seem like minutes! and then i hear him whispering

'i'm so sorry....'

I told him not to worry, that i'd get it fixed and that the important thing is that no one got hurt. So as he goes away and i start carrying my bike to the workshop, i thought that in reality all of this scene needed to be performed the other way around and that me and the guy seemed to have confused which lines we had to say in the script of life. 
He should have asked the questions and i should have been speechless!
Anyway the bike (i have to still give her a name, but it must have something to do with a lady who has been through a lot in life, and through a lot of plastic surgery as well) is ok!
But the whole situation happened 5 minutes before class which meant i had to run!!!

b) ...clearly if you read point A you will know that i am about to talk about chinese class!
It was such a cool experience. 

We had 4 hours of class which felt really like 2. 

No, not because its easy or because its fascinating, but because the first 2 hr class was all in chinese :)  we started learning some tones and some words in chinese which is always interesting.
The last two hours were with a teacher who spoke english and was teaching us about chinese characters and how they evolved throughout the centuries, and it was interesting to see how some of these characters make no sense... 

it made me think that language evolution at times goes through people who have no clue what they are doing.

And i thought that this is happening as we speak today! MSN users and text messengers are changing the future world! And it made me think that though today words or abbreviates such as MIRL, PLO or GSOH are (possibly) understandable (i had to look them up at , in some centuries someone like me today will look back and say 'how did they get to that!?'... LOL

Ok, this was so exciting and i can't wait to have my second lesson today! 

now i've got to go do some homework!



roza said...

Shidan, I've got it.

Name your bike Donatella Versace.

Totally fits your criteria.

So glad you and the raging scooterist are okay. You need to invest in a helmet!

Ashkan said...

In italy doctors sent out the alarm of bike crashes, especially among kids... lol
out of 10 kids that come to the hospital for head traumas, 8 had bike crashes!
Doctors are suggesting to make obligatory to wear a helmet even for bikes!

dal vostro corrispondente Dr. Mollaiyan Ashkan - Université de Médecine de Montpellier, France


amy said...

donatella versace mi sembra un nome PERFETTO!


love you....

Shido said...

:) Donatella Versace... DV.. i like!
Ashkan if you stop throwing facts at me i might decide to make you my doctor in the future ;)

Daniele Morisco said...

We miss you Shid OFF

Daniele :P

Anonymous said...

Mettiti il casco, e non lo dico solo perché sono preoccupata per la tua lo dico perché sono preoccupata per la mia!!! La mamma mi chiama 20 volte al giorno e tutte le volte mi dice..."did you tell Shidan to buy a helmet??"!

OK, nome della bici....vanna, come vanna marchi....


limonana said...

all this talk of versace reminds me of our old volley ball team in italy :o)

Anonymous said...

Shidan quel simbolo significa forse fortuna???