Tuesday, September 9, 2008

love is the strongest adhesive!


its just universal you know?
you can go to any country in the world, and as much as they may differ, love is just the strongest force!
It is said in the Baha'i Faith that love is the energy that holds the atoms and molecules together in the universe... which means we are all here because of love!
This has great implications for all of us! It means that if we dislike someone, the problem is within us, because love is there, that connection is and will always be there.

We are all connected through love, but we have to work to maintain that connection strong and not let the transitory things of this short life get in the way of who we love!

This post is for all those who remember every day that this connection exists, and who fight for love. 
Who see distance as a unique opportunity to englobe more into their network of love.
Who believe that 'where there is love there is always time'
Who are not uncomfortable with cheesy words, because they mean them.
Who, though hurt, and upset, will agree to change.

This post was inspired by the thought of my 'dumb' cousin Roshan who, unfortunately, i love with all my heart :)



roza said...

What an absolutely beautiful post this is. I particularly loved this:

Who are not uncomfortable with cheesy words, because they mean them.

I completely didn't realize you were back to blogging! I had a blast reading through all your recent posts of your time in China. I can't wait to read moree! So glad to hear from you :)

roza said...

OH and one more thing, on a completely unrelated note, what's the song you'd always sing to me about me riding on my bicycle all day long?!! I want to download it and laugh.

Shido said...

its by 'Fabio Concato' and its called 'Rosalina'
and talking about bikes...i just bought my bike! and the next post will be just about that!!

amy said...

love is all around us! be careful on your bike!

roza said...

Shidolino, Shidolino, tutto il giorno in bicicletta fino a seraaaaa, a seraaaa..

Don't forget to wear a helmet!

limonana said...

i love love. & pizza.

Anonymous said...

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