Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Bike Is Fast

I got a Bike more or less a week ago and promised it that my next post would be about how fast and cool it is.
It is actually so cool that i am always expecting it not to be there after i park it and chain it up outside my house at night...
It is quite fast though today i had to bring it to be repaired already as the left pedal was just a little bit weak...

Also i came to realize one important thing... obeying street rules in China with your bike will only be a cause of harm! I guess you become the X factor in a very difficult and complex equation (the street) which people do not know how to relate to..

The first hour going around the city was an hour in which i caused distress to other fellow bikers. I guess they are not used to rules. So finally when a man collided with an older lady because i was doing the right thing by staying on my side of the road, i decided i had enough of the rules and that it was probably safer for me and others to just be part of the madness!
Which is so much fun! Actually i fit in pretty well i must say!.. But don't worry im careful!

So now i have a request! My bike is all black (you can see it in the pic) and pretty but it needs some extra kudos to gain respect on the road..
So I am asking you all to please think of how we can fix my bike up! I want suggestions! Do you have any cool sticker you would like to send to me to put on? Or anything i can attach to my bike anywhere? Please suggest! I am open!

So many cool things are happening around here, and i am making some really nice friends!
Campus is so beautiful! And i started playing football with some friends! So it seems as if things are working out well slowly!
I've seen some beautiful places and i am scared of how much this all feels like home..
i belong.



Dantem said...

I must say-you have a very nice blog.
Tell me what you think about mine.

amy said...

i think you first off need to paint it a nice, shiny orange, or green. put a big basket at the front, and blinking lights on it, for extra safety.


cartadosahba said...

a great friend of mine creates little stickers of his alias, "pause". some are just a "pause" symbol. he's sort of spreading the stickers all around the world, do let me know if you'd be interested in getting one for your AMAZING bike!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Amy!!!!!!!! It needs to be a bright colour with blinking lights. Nothing is worse than finding a biker without lights in a black coat on a black night!!! PLEASE do take care and don't forget the helmet!! HOwever, I am sure you are going to be careful when you remember the incident on Via Mameli!

Love you, Mommy

Ashkan said...

green is better than yellow at night...cause is better perceived on the night vision by the retina cells in the eye :))))

so u see...i made my contribution too! hahahaha
un abbraccione ciccio

Anonymous said...

first of all don't forget your helmet! secondly I can see if Matisse is willing to share his Trader Joe's stickers....not sure he will, but you might be lucky.....also, so that you look supper cool, you can stick some on your face before you head out each day!
love you

SAM said...
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SAM said...

Man, I have no comments on the bkie! But it quite looks like China is rocking for you! In every post I read here you seem to be getting more and more enthusiastic with it.

And I like reading your words in this text, specifically, about how, sometimes, it is bad to go by the rules ;)

I truly hope u enjoy China more and more by the second!

Shido said...

great ideas and nice thoughts! thank you ALL!! :)
i will update you on what happens... truth is the bike is breaking down quite often... :(
but im sure its just its way of telling me it wants to be styled up!
keep sending ideas!

Bettina said...

Bright colors sounds great! Let me know if you decide to realize the stickers idea- I'll send you some Polish ones!
If you have children classes you could make it a social project and ask the kids to help you decorate.
But in any case I think you should give your poor bike a name...just like you give new names to everyone you meet;-)

canvas prints said...

Looks good!

Seriously though, you should wear a helmet - you only get one head :)