Monday, May 19, 2008

i am an on-line target

Bonjour a tut le monde! (is that correctly spelled?)

I'm back in London! I had a phenomenal 8 days in Montpellier with Ashkan, and i added a link to his blog on my page so go check it out cause he is my hero!
Now i have a whole 8 days to prepare my exam of games of strategy, and then i will be done with university! I still do not understand the magnitude of this moment.

In these past days i had so many thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, emotions, and i felt like sharing so much, but i never really did manage to sit down and think about what i wanted to say.
I guess its a bit of a strange moment now, as things are rapidly changing and i am trying to adapt and prepare my self for new adventures!

I have an official departure date from london, that is the 4th of june..........

Anyway a feeling, or thought that i would like to share has to do with the internet and on-line advertising, in particular on facebook.

Now ever since i opened my facebook account all the adds that have been popping up on my screen have been asking me if i wanted to meet a hot girl in my area.

Very philanthropically they are urging me to STOP browsing facebook accounts and just click on their service and get straight to business!

Obviously i figured we all get adds based on our data, so as long as they see me male, single and 22 they will hit me where supposedly i am weak! Isn't that wonderful?

But you want to know what is worse?

Yesterday, when i refreshed the page, i got an add urging me to come out of the closet and find the right guy to date!
Can't they read?? My profile says 'INTERESTED IN WOMEN'.

So why do they do this? What is the reason for this?
I believe i have the answer to that!

Since i never have clicked on any of these adds (i must admit i was tempted when i saw a gorgeous brunette smiling at me), they must have thought "maybe he is gay, why dont we just see what happens'.
Well i'll tell you what happens. You make me upset, not only because you treat me like an animal, but because you treat every guy, girl, homosexual, granny and grandpa as a piece of meat, weak and in need of serious exploitation!

i wonder what will come next!
What adds do you get?



Ashkan said...

hahahhahaha grande shidoooo...allora non ero il solo a beccarmeli!!
comunque "bonjour à tout le monde"...stai migliorando di "giorno per giorno" (grazie Liga)!
buono studio vecchia spugna!!

amy said...

bravo ciccio!!!

limonana said...

you should talk to your olive oil business partner about this. he did something to make all our adds on fb & every other site to disappear...

amy said...

hey, i love the new banner!