Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it has been some time now...

Dearest friends who still read this blog.

It has been a while. Plenty of reasons for this absenteism.

I have been studying about Nash Equilibria, about Strategic Moves, about Payoffs, about Iterated elimination of Dominated Strategies, about Zero-Sum-Games and Constant-Sum-Games. All of this because i knew i needed to acquire the knowledge to move on in life.

Furthermore my computer waved goodbye to me the other night before it took off to the land of non-working-graphic-cards... and i found my self in front of the blue screen of death, which told me 'dude, now you can go mac'.

so to sum it all up:

- My PC is in bad shape
- I had my last exam.

WHICH MEANS I AM DONE WITH UNI! (well this deduction comes only from the pre-stated idea that i have had my last exam. my computer braking down has had no impact on me finishing university)

Celebrate People! Finally i am an adult. Or maybe not.

But anyway i am done with university.
Which means that i am done with feeling guilty because i do nothing useful!

Now i can just do nothing and know that there is no duty for me to fulfil! Its great!

No more guilt! :)

I've been thinking a lot about my last years here. And talking with matteo (my flat mate and muse) i realised that in two years of living together we have still one question we never can answer.

at lunch time or at dinner time we always find it hard to choose what to eat. I promise you it is 2 years that we struggle every single day. There is just no initiative on either side.

one walks into the room of the other and says "what are we having for lunch?"

and then we just stare at the wall wondering why, with all the important and meaningful questions we have to answer in our life, the most challenging has to do with something which we will let go of some few hours after the beginning of our digestion process.
today though after staring at the wall for 10 minutes i said one word which solved all issues and got us going... Mc Donalds.

it must be the idea that i finished uni, but i did not feel any guilt in saying that!

Thank you matteo for the hours spent thinking of what to eat, and thank you Mc Donalds for making life easier today!

Oh and thank you Coldplay for Viva la Vida, Lost and Violet Hill. Great stuff.



amy said...

glad exams are over. enjoy this last, wonderfully fun summer.
and, i compleatly understand the "what should we have for lunch/dinner" dilemma. it's a TOUGH question to answer!

MayMay said...

shidan i miss u!!!!

limonana said...

congratulations shido!!!!!!!!!! bon apetit!!!

P.R.A.loveslife said...

CICCIO!!! I miss those GREAT times together in LONDON! Ciccio! Forever connected, tuo Fratello Pharan!