Monday, May 12, 2008

je voudrais un croissant

well, its been some days since my last post.. i know it is in the best interest of the www if i don't post, but i am back to haunt you all down!

life has been really good to me lately...
i finished two exams, and hopefully they went ok!
and in the spirit of examination month, i left london for a week, and i am posting from motpellier, south of france, where i am currently chilling with my brother ashkan.

i speak no french, so it is quite difficult to communicate... but a feeling has been growning inside me.. a desire to learn french, or at least the fundamentals, and to learn to play the piano, which i feel will take forever and i shall not pursue.

but most importantly in these days of communicational challenges i've been thinking so much about china. because i am realising it will be difficult to be language-less for some time!
but i guess i knew it would be a challenge!

the other day, before leaving london, i went with a friend to an expo on modern design in china and i was totally blown away. it is so cool! i cant wait to actually be there!

before leaving the expo we entered this dark room. and they had a 180° screen on which they projected a view of beijing from a helicopter (all in cgi). and it was so cool! i watched the presentation (which was 2 minutes long) at least 5 times in a row!
and i could not get enough!
it will rock!

i wonder how you say 'i would like a croissant' in mandarin...



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amy said...

say hi to ash. enjoy the life. i am jealous. love you. 1 month.

Anonymous said...

fantastic!! why not study piano in china! naturally with chinese teacher. but in the meantime have a croissant for me because in a month we will be eating pancakes! love you so much mommy

Manijeh said...

ee-la chur li tchuma-dai

its difficult to write, but i asked someone at work