Monday, May 5, 2008


i havent written in some time, but i have an excuse.
tomorrow i have my first exam. and then the day after tomorrow my second one.
i've been studying, or trying to.
i am not so sure of how it will all go, but i am hopeful!
its so interesting how life changes when exams are coming up.

i can tell its examination time because;
- i am uber lazy
- i am quite bored
- i always feel like i would rather be somewhere else, doing something else
- i eat triple the amounts that i should
- i gain wait
- i love bathroom time, as it is officially an excuse not to do work
- i feel sticky
- i take no care of myself
- the time outside is always nice when you have to stay in-doors
- i always get sick somehow at some point
- i dont want to talk or communicate much
- i feel guilty, knowing i should do more
- i start criticizing the 'system'
- my mom says loads of prayers for me (i love it!!!! thanks mama)
- i buy junk food
- i spend more money cause 'i deserve it' (not true)
- i google 'i am bored' and find a cool website where i can play games and watch videos
- i am always on facebook, just to see if anyone else is bored
- i strategically plan with all my class mates what to study
- i look at people fight and argue over sharing exam preparation notes
- my clothes smell of starbucks
- i become friends with the employees of my local starbucks
- i put an alarm clock on when in truth i have nothing but books waiting for me
- even calling my sisters becomes an excuse to lose time (hahaha.. just kidding! i put it there to make my sisters upset, and to tell them that i love them)
- i wonder how in the world will i ever be able to work if i can barely sit down and study
- michael paluch is my study guru
- i chew on plastic things like pens
- my desk is covered with plates, mugs, cups

great days no?



amy said...

fun times.
you did sound a bit blargh yesterday ;)
during my exams i became addicted to watching darts and pool championships on BBC2.
desperate times.

Shido said...

never. i have some dignity amy

Ashkan said...

now u know how i feel "60% of every time" since I've come to Montpellier
just wait for friday, Im gonna bring u so down that afterwards anything would be divine grace for u.
auguroni boyz

Ghetto Blaster said...

how come the lazyness always hits the hardest during the time you should be super focused? seriously, like right now, im supposed to be studying, but instead im reading your blog.


good luck Shi!

Anonymous said...

ok, i feel used. or, under-used is more like it. you must not be that bored yet, as you have not called me yet. keeping the most boring person to tlak to for last?


your boring sister