Sunday, August 31, 2008

Come Musica

I'm in the HK airport, waiting for my flight to Beijing.
I felt compelled to write this little post as i am listening to Jovanotti's 'Come Musica'. ( go to link)

Listening to this song reminds me of my family, of all my friends, all opportunities taken or missed, of all the beautiful souls that this world enshrines, all the things that we need to do to make things better for all our kind. It reminds me of how im never alone, how love is the real force that binds things together, and that we are blind when we don't see it.

And most of all it reminds me of how God gave me a life to live, and He gave me all of the things i mentioned above and so much more... and He wants me to do my best.

I just want to thank Him.



amy said...

grande lorenzo. baci shido.

Anonymous said...

grabde shutto. i lug you. ja