Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7 days and maybe its time to return

It has been a long 11 weeks since my last post.
I must give explanations... i know..
but there will be time to explain how inspiration is a spiritual peak that inevitably we start climbing down from!

but i am here again...
and i am here one week before C-day. a day that i have been waiting for since the end of November.
and now, as one last week stands in the way of my chinese adventure, i feel overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement. a positive one without doubts.
with the olympic games and with all the coverage that China got in the last weeks, various feelings have touched my heart, the strongest of which are love and awe.
love because i already love the little things i know of China and its people, its culture, its ways, its teachings...
and awe in front of the amount of learning this amazing civilization and reality can give me, my family and friends.

trying to switch on


amy said...

yay welcome back!!!! can't wait to hear about your amazing chinese adventures. love you!

Anonymous said...

shidan, we are so excited for you and cheering for you louder than any crazed olympic fan! we wish you all the best in the first days and will be thinking of you often (morn and eve). see you soon, we hope. love from piero and tz.

TeJ said...

welcome back!!
GREAT to have you on track again!!
Best wishes and good luck for the BIG ADVENTURE and the C-day... may it be a safe trip landing you even more enthusiastic!!