Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live in Hong Kong

I'm writing from my 3x2 meter room in a hostel!
There is no window, the light is cold, the ac is on and i am currently watching Alien on tv.
This sad picture of me is actually is not giving a fair idea of the Hong Kong experience... which has been really awesome! I have spent 2 days here and walked around quite a lot, and it has really been a lot of fun!
This city is amazing, there are so many things to see, though most of it is a BIG mall!
I took pictures of so many different things which reminded me of friends also.. and i will be hunting for more to put up on facebook!
Being alone is not easy but makes me appreciate all the people that i had around so much more! Thank you for all!

I know this post is nothing too special but i will be more prolific once i am settled into Beijing!


amy said...

can't wait to see more photos and hear about the rest of your first days in china!

Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to more photos and news about your first days in Beijing. love you, lmy