Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it has been some time now...

Dearest friends who still read this blog.

It has been a while. Plenty of reasons for this absenteism.

I have been studying about Nash Equilibria, about Strategic Moves, about Payoffs, about Iterated elimination of Dominated Strategies, about Zero-Sum-Games and Constant-Sum-Games. All of this because i knew i needed to acquire the knowledge to move on in life.

Furthermore my computer waved goodbye to me the other night before it took off to the land of non-working-graphic-cards... and i found my self in front of the blue screen of death, which told me 'dude, now you can go mac'.

so to sum it all up:

- My PC is in bad shape
- I had my last exam.

WHICH MEANS I AM DONE WITH UNI! (well this deduction comes only from the pre-stated idea that i have had my last exam. my computer braking down has had no impact on me finishing university)

Celebrate People! Finally i am an adult. Or maybe not.

But anyway i am done with university.
Which means that i am done with feeling guilty because i do nothing useful!

Now i can just do nothing and know that there is no duty for me to fulfil! Its great!

No more guilt! :)

I've been thinking a lot about my last years here. And talking with matteo (my flat mate and muse) i realised that in two years of living together we have still one question we never can answer.

at lunch time or at dinner time we always find it hard to choose what to eat. I promise you it is 2 years that we struggle every single day. There is just no initiative on either side.

one walks into the room of the other and says "what are we having for lunch?"

and then we just stare at the wall wondering why, with all the important and meaningful questions we have to answer in our life, the most challenging has to do with something which we will let go of some few hours after the beginning of our digestion process.
today though after staring at the wall for 10 minutes i said one word which solved all issues and got us going... Mc Donalds.

it must be the idea that i finished uni, but i did not feel any guilt in saying that!

Thank you matteo for the hours spent thinking of what to eat, and thank you Mc Donalds for making life easier today!

Oh and thank you Coldplay for Viva la Vida, Lost and Violet Hill. Great stuff.


Monday, May 19, 2008

i am an on-line target

Bonjour a tut le monde! (is that correctly spelled?)

I'm back in London! I had a phenomenal 8 days in Montpellier with Ashkan, and i added a link to his blog on my page so go check it out cause he is my hero!
Now i have a whole 8 days to prepare my exam of games of strategy, and then i will be done with university! I still do not understand the magnitude of this moment.

In these past days i had so many thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, emotions, and i felt like sharing so much, but i never really did manage to sit down and think about what i wanted to say.
I guess its a bit of a strange moment now, as things are rapidly changing and i am trying to adapt and prepare my self for new adventures!

I have an official departure date from london, that is the 4th of june..........

Anyway a feeling, or thought that i would like to share has to do with the internet and on-line advertising, in particular on facebook.

Now ever since i opened my facebook account all the adds that have been popping up on my screen have been asking me if i wanted to meet a hot girl in my area.

Very philanthropically they are urging me to STOP browsing facebook accounts and just click on their service and get straight to business!

Obviously i figured we all get adds based on our data, so as long as they see me male, single and 22 they will hit me where supposedly i am weak! Isn't that wonderful?

But you want to know what is worse?

Yesterday, when i refreshed the page, i got an add urging me to come out of the closet and find the right guy to date!
Can't they read?? My profile says 'INTERESTED IN WOMEN'.

So why do they do this? What is the reason for this?
I believe i have the answer to that!

Since i never have clicked on any of these adds (i must admit i was tempted when i saw a gorgeous brunette smiling at me), they must have thought "maybe he is gay, why dont we just see what happens'.
Well i'll tell you what happens. You make me upset, not only because you treat me like an animal, but because you treat every guy, girl, homosexual, granny and grandpa as a piece of meat, weak and in need of serious exploitation!

i wonder what will come next!
What adds do you get?


Monday, May 12, 2008

je voudrais un croissant

well, its been some days since my last post.. i know it is in the best interest of the www if i don't post, but i am back to haunt you all down!

life has been really good to me lately...
i finished two exams, and hopefully they went ok!
and in the spirit of examination month, i left london for a week, and i am posting from motpellier, south of france, where i am currently chilling with my brother ashkan.

i speak no french, so it is quite difficult to communicate... but a feeling has been growning inside me.. a desire to learn french, or at least the fundamentals, and to learn to play the piano, which i feel will take forever and i shall not pursue.

but most importantly in these days of communicational challenges i've been thinking so much about china. because i am realising it will be difficult to be language-less for some time!
but i guess i knew it would be a challenge!

the other day, before leaving london, i went with a friend to an expo on modern design in china and i was totally blown away. it is so cool! i cant wait to actually be there!

before leaving the expo we entered this dark room. and they had a 180° screen on which they projected a view of beijing from a helicopter (all in cgi). and it was so cool! i watched the presentation (which was 2 minutes long) at least 5 times in a row!
and i could not get enough!
it will rock!

i wonder how you say 'i would like a croissant' in mandarin...


Monday, May 5, 2008


i havent written in some time, but i have an excuse.
tomorrow i have my first exam. and then the day after tomorrow my second one.
i've been studying, or trying to.
i am not so sure of how it will all go, but i am hopeful!
its so interesting how life changes when exams are coming up.

i can tell its examination time because;
- i am uber lazy
- i am quite bored
- i always feel like i would rather be somewhere else, doing something else
- i eat triple the amounts that i should
- i gain wait
- i love bathroom time, as it is officially an excuse not to do work
- i feel sticky
- i take no care of myself
- the time outside is always nice when you have to stay in-doors
- i always get sick somehow at some point
- i dont want to talk or communicate much
- i feel guilty, knowing i should do more
- i start criticizing the 'system'
- my mom says loads of prayers for me (i love it!!!! thanks mama)
- i buy junk food
- i spend more money cause 'i deserve it' (not true)
- i google 'i am bored' and find a cool website where i can play games and watch videos
- i am always on facebook, just to see if anyone else is bored
- i strategically plan with all my class mates what to study
- i look at people fight and argue over sharing exam preparation notes
- my clothes smell of starbucks
- i become friends with the employees of my local starbucks
- i put an alarm clock on when in truth i have nothing but books waiting for me
- even calling my sisters becomes an excuse to lose time (hahaha.. just kidding! i put it there to make my sisters upset, and to tell them that i love them)
- i wonder how in the world will i ever be able to work if i can barely sit down and study
- michael paluch is my study guru
- i chew on plastic things like pens
- my desk is covered with plates, mugs, cups

great days no?