Sunday, August 31, 2008

Come Musica

I'm in the HK airport, waiting for my flight to Beijing.
I felt compelled to write this little post as i am listening to Jovanotti's 'Come Musica'. ( go to link)

Listening to this song reminds me of my family, of all my friends, all opportunities taken or missed, of all the beautiful souls that this world enshrines, all the things that we need to do to make things better for all our kind. It reminds me of how im never alone, how love is the real force that binds things together, and that we are blind when we don't see it.

And most of all it reminds me of how God gave me a life to live, and He gave me all of the things i mentioned above and so much more... and He wants me to do my best.

I just want to thank Him.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live in Hong Kong

I'm writing from my 3x2 meter room in a hostel!
There is no window, the light is cold, the ac is on and i am currently watching Alien on tv.
This sad picture of me is actually is not giving a fair idea of the Hong Kong experience... which has been really awesome! I have spent 2 days here and walked around quite a lot, and it has really been a lot of fun!
This city is amazing, there are so many things to see, though most of it is a BIG mall!
I took pictures of so many different things which reminded me of friends also.. and i will be hunting for more to put up on facebook!
Being alone is not easy but makes me appreciate all the people that i had around so much more! Thank you for all!

I know this post is nothing too special but i will be more prolific once i am settled into Beijing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

goodbye italy

i don't show it but i really am nostalgic and sad when i am about to leave italy or 'home'...
this post will be a little tribute to...

- mom who always repeats things 5 times because she is sad i'm going, and who i love so much and i apologize to for being such a useless child :)
- to dad who, as i am writing, is working outside scrubbing the porch for the next big gathering in our house. that is really who he is. he never stops, probably never will. and he is always there for me and anyone.
- to my future indian neighbor jalan who is already setting things up for me in beijing ;) now also we will be able to show off like the other two sisters who meet up every 3 months!
- to sharim who is always on the phone with my parents. now that i know i hope in receiving at least one call per week!
- to amy who always supports my ideas and is my little sister who i fight with!
- to naysan who is the creator of two monsters and is always an inspiration for me (in the giggity gig field)
- to jalil who is not a doctor yet, but somehow has convinced my mom he is. i cant wait to see you and matisse in beijing with me :)
- to shamim who i love to beat at mario kart and pro evo, and who is also an inspiration in the giggity gup gap field
- to manijeh & vince who quietly do so much for all and have always been true family
- to shirin & Naim who are funny and keep me entertained with their awesome pictures on facebook
- to cinzia who is the goddess of the kitchens and is the most loving aunt
- to roshan (vacca) whose company has been one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me
- to nushin who is the londoner of the family now
- to nonna 'mannaggia li pescetti' mina che e' sempre li a passare perle di saggezza romano/napoletane
- to Rizi joon who is always there, like a soldier, smiling and living
- to hakim & shida who were hosting me while i was getting my visa, and who put a smile on my face (slurp joker)
- to andrea ugo :) who i miss and i want to spend more time with
- to giada who is more swiss than ever
- to paolo aka 'peo' who is always reliable, i would say an uncle for me, and a friend for all
- to ninetta who is here before i wake up
- to ale 'buba' che e' a corto di scuse!! dovrai venire in cina! mi mancherai vecchio!
- to carlo che e' un esempio per il ciclismo italiano anche se e' un po' malato...
- to ceccio che e' troppo malato e che non voglio in cina :)
- to pado che e' troppo genovese ;) e che quando trova la donna va in banca rotta
- to giacomo zanottinho che anche lui non c'e' mai :) ma fa sempre il bravo!
- to la 5 B che si e' persa qua e la
- to jamshid who no words can describe
- to ashkanio who will move to africa to serve humanity and will be shooting spoof videos like 'tension'
- to anis who is a shutto boy, and the champion of water slides!
- to sina who is not on facebook for some reason
- to zio nima who has class
- to zia marta who has patience with the class of zio nima
- to emma who is pure and really one of a kind
- to samir who is always running and working and will be a dad soon!
- to lucy who is more than what she thinks she is
- to verona and its people
- to the baha'i youth of italy who are always in my heart
- to the baha'is of london who served with me
- to puianello che e' sempre bello and just called me to say bye:)
- to cello who is lost somewhere and needs to be in touch and make me laugh as usual
- to alex who i think got a job and will now do nothing somewhere that is not home... i always read your movie reviews man
- to all the london football crew who i know gathered again and missed my talent :)
- to the oval boys, daniele, ricky, mehdi, ayo, wrigley and all who touched that blessed house i love you
- to my university friends
- to my devotional group in london
- to my ruhi groups in london and italy
- to my service friends in haifa
- to my ecuadorian friends in .... ecuador :)
- to all the ones who i met, maybe for one moment, maybe for one second, and to those i always knew, to those that by mistake i forgot and that in the next posts i shall remember

for all of the above
please dont forget me because i will not.
love is a big word, and i think you deserve it all


Saturday, August 16, 2008

...and to Him we shall return

Know thou that every hearing ear, if kept pure and undefiled, must, at all times and from every direction, hearken to the voice that uttereth these holy words:

 "Verily, we are God's, and to Him shall we return."


I read this quote the other eve with a group of friends.
Nearly all of us were youth... and who had an age that was not too youthful still felt, and feels (rightly so), very useful!!
After sharing it we all explained in what way we were touched by these words.
as usual everyone had an interesting view and a different understanding of things.

one of the thoughts that came to my mind is the idea of how the terms 'youth' and 'death' are nearly seen as opposites.
why should a youth think of death? let him live life to its full! let him ride that wave of energy and emotions! 
that is what i would say at least..

yet, i think this quote once again shows me how Baha'u'llah has changed the balance of things throughout the entire world.
He encourages us at ANY age to think that one day, young or old, we will all leave this world. And He is telling us to think very carefully about what we want to bring with us in the next world.
No car, no job, no money will come with us.. not even our titles that we fought for...

so what do YOU want to bring to the next world?

Oh and finally. 
If you are a youth, or you consider yourself one, don't you think it might be too late to think of the the next life when you are about to reach it at an old age?

this mortal world speaks to us from every direction. 
do you need hearing aids?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7 days and maybe its time to return

It has been a long 11 weeks since my last post.
I must give explanations... i know..
but there will be time to explain how inspiration is a spiritual peak that inevitably we start climbing down from!

but i am here again...
and i am here one week before C-day. a day that i have been waiting for since the end of November.
and now, as one last week stands in the way of my chinese adventure, i feel overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement. a positive one without doubts.
with the olympic games and with all the coverage that China got in the last weeks, various feelings have touched my heart, the strongest of which are love and awe.
love because i already love the little things i know of China and its people, its culture, its ways, its teachings...
and awe in front of the amount of learning this amazing civilization and reality can give me, my family and friends.

trying to switch on