Saturday, March 15, 2008

abducted mind

i am fasting.
and i am a happy faster.
it is nearly over (5 more days) though.

it is quite sad really. i am sure who has been fasting can agree with that...
i am not going to lie that normal eating life is also great, but these 19 days are special.

the only thing i really suffer is the being tired and a bit lazy...
which potentially can mean that my mind will go wondering around too much...
at times it wonders in places i do not like! memories of the past, or prejudices of the present, or ideas of a future which is a bit confusing.
so i have to call in the rescue team with their guns and armor.
i brief them quickly about what the problem is, and who is keeping my mind captive.
i tell them to shoot anything mean down, and to take no prisoners.
just go rescue her, my mind.
they leave the general quarters, and with their fast-armored-tank enter that region.
it is quite dark with zombies and monsters...
but since its my mind i have a good map, so i can tell them exactly where to go without getting lost...
so they go, they find her, they shoot down all those crazy abductors and to the sound of a great song they carry her home!

i've been watching too many movies...

anyway i reccomend to all of you guys to listen to these artists; 'band of horses', 'kyte', 'albert hammond jr.', 'the photographic', 'bon iver'.

sometimes my blog is part of the rescue team



amy said...

i'm rescuing you.

Anonymous said...

please, amy! YOU are the people that army is hunting for. armed and dangerous