Saturday, March 8, 2008

being who we are

helo... with one l... i'm feeling gentle today... :)

most of the time when i would hear people say 'you have to accept and love yourself ', i would shiver.

it just did not sound right.

probably it is because i associated it with looking at the pimples in the mirror, or the extra love you had on your belly, and saying 'i love myself anyway'. i never thought that was the reality of a person so... that helped me out!

the other day i was reflecting in the tube while coming back home.
and i thought that it takes a lot of guts to accept who we are as a person.

it is hard to be who we are. we have to fight two battles, first one within, then one with the outside world.

accepting the fact that we are not perfect, that we are wrong 99% of the time, that we have to really get rid of self if we want to have any chance to be right, and in that case it would not even be because of us but because we received guidance! it is like the total reduction of ego.

totally hard.

on top of that we have to get over the idea that people will think (once we have chosen to stand for what is right, even though we are far from being right) we are hyopcrits.

that requires a lot of courage, because nobody wants to appear as fake or as having double standards.

but at the end we have to just accept that it is a struggle worth living.

i feel there is nothing more hard, testing, painful and at the same time refreshing and memorable for a person than standing for what is right.

all we need is courage.

roaaaaaaaaaar! and there goes my being gentle...

end of 25th post



Anonymous said...

hey.. i was readin your blog and i was thinking that to building up courage is really difficult.. and not many people do.. but it is only via courage that people find it easier to overcome hurdles in their life. Without the self courage we can never overcome what we may doubt or fear.. but whoudl stand for what we believe is right. And i came across this quote;

“Courage is like a muscle; it is strengthened by use.”


Anonymous said...

" First Love is Self Love" From the moment you begin to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are there will be no doubts, and most people (except the few idiots) will accept and love you for who you are.. even if you look like the guy in the picture! :)

amy said...

i'm working out my muscles!

Shido said...

hey!the guy in the picture is my best friend!!! :) just kidding... but he is courageous! look at him on that crazy machine!
anyway who is anonymous?
dont leave comments un-signed!
please.... i like to know who reads...
amy work on that grrrrrrrrrawl sista!

Karuna said...

Anonymus is me... :)

Anonymous said...

i am so impressed by how candid and bold you are. you chosing to post your picture(in all your massive glory),really drove the point home for me. thank you for not fearing! e vai, shidON! jaja