Sunday, March 2, 2008

so fast

hello friends!

I am happy to announce that tomorrow me, as well as many of you, will be fasting!
Baha'is around the world will refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for the next 19 days!
It sounds crazy and harsh i know, but it is without a doubt the best 19 days of the year.
And truly you can't understand it until you experience it.
Sure at times it is hard, as time seems not to pass, and the emptiness inside our stomach grows, but the struggle and the fight with ourselves is so uplifting.
Bahai's take the fast as a period of meditation, contemplation, bonding, fellowship and action. It is a time in which we are urged to grow and detach ourselves from this earthly plane.

It is truly magnificent to be able to look around and see people striving together for the same purpouse and reason!

Interestingly enough, fasting inevitably means that we will grow spiritually, but also that we will be eating more quantities of food for 19 days!
In fact dinners are usually a bit of a feast!

I really wish to all of you a wonderful 19 days of fasting, and if you are not able to join us because you are pregnant or you are sick, i truly i meant i am truly sorry for you.

Its the spirit that counts no? :)

No kidding now. I love you all.


PS; this is my first ever PS on a blog
PPS; my sister and leila started this cool fast themed project. check it out at
i wish all an inspiring, uplifting, and most importantly hungry, fast!

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amy said...

thanks for the ad ;) i miss you, hope your fast is a good one!