Thursday, March 6, 2008

everyone is one

yesterday i stopped and looked at myself.
and realised i categorize everything.
and more importantly everyone. its as if i am putting a special colured label on people.
do you do it as well?

because i figured it is wrong! i mean i always knew it i guess.

in reality we are all so different! its just that for our tiny brains it is easier to deal with things that way.

well i decided i will bend my brain and will not allow it to put any of you or anyone i see on the street in a certain category!

though i must also say that i think the problem arises because we ourselves want to fit into categories of people... it is easier that way. or we identify in certain group attitudes some of our attitudes...

well i am stating the obvious.
i guess i am part of the OPC (obvious people category)!

in my next post i shall talk about truthfulness!
i also want to talk about accepting who we are, and about being hypocrite.
a lot to talk about!

a big smile from the OPC world

End of 24th post


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amy said...

can i be pink?