Wednesday, March 12, 2008

footie tragedy

to all football lovers this season has been a true disaster.
english football is dominating in europe, something which is truly embarassing.

the only team i can accept from england is arsenal, and they do not have one english player in the first team. that is why they play great football. and do not come and talk to me ou man utd. they are ok because they have some good players with terrible attitudes. i will not mention the other two teams who are destroying the image of football.

it is a disaster this year. hopefully Roma or Barca will remind the brits that football is a game that is meant to be fun...

its all fault of the pound!

at least in the euro cup we will not have to see the terrible football played by england...

end of this dissapointed and dissapointing post



amy said...

FORZA JUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehe no football comments, just wanted to say that i love reading your blog!
yas (your cousin!)

Manijeh said...

no comment. i support man u.

Vincenzo said...

shido, you are too young to understand these things. don't tell me anyone believes italy won the world cup playing beautiful football. that is sacrilege. the same goes for Milan winning the champions league. beautiful football hardly ever wins in the modern game, Mourinho is proof of that, Greece winning the Euros is proof of that, Capello is proof that! In the end winning is winning and currently the English teams are the best. you cannot argue with that on any grounds.