Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lets talk important things, shall we?

I am writing to express a feeling. A profound one indeed.
A feeling so strong in my heart. One that has not been produced by a family member.. or by football.. or by a concert.. or by a friend.. or by a girl.. or by a new born nephew.. or by a great opportunity offered to me in life.

Rather it has developed when learning about the ongoing developments in Haifa, Israel, where the greatest global event of the year has been taking place.

Onehundred and fiftythree countries (that is 153), are taking part in a global democratic election to elect a governing body.

Now... Lets stop for a second and try to picrure what this might look like.

What do you see when you think of the words democratic, global and election?

... maybe a bunch of people screaming at eachother trying to push their own agendas, their own desires, their own best interest?

.. or maybe different groups beating each other up in suits and wearing ties..

.. or maybe police beating up some activists outside on the streets...

It is not far fetched to say that we all might be induced, by looking at the status of the world today, into thinking this is probably the nature of the events in Haifa.

But if those ideas and visions are truly in our heads, and are part of our understanding of today's reality, then this event in Haifa is re-shaping them, and needless to say, revolutionizing the world.

What is happening is in fact quite the oppsoite.
In a spirit of harmony, unity, devotion, respect, justice and love, people from cultures and realities so diverse (one can hardly immagine), have found the one thing that makes them one.... The promotion of the best interests of their kind... the human race.

153 countries, all with the same influence on the final result of an election, all rappresented justly, all in harmony, when did this EVER happen?
I could not hold in all the love and admiration i have for the Baha'i Faith when i read the articles.

It is a historic moment, wouldn't you agree?

If you do not believe me then read these three articles and look at the photographs that are within them

oh and most importantly check your tv news channel...

If you do not see or hear anything about it, then probably it is true.

Rejoice for something new is born



Elizabeth said...

I agree, I was so moved by the pictures of the spiritual and dignified voting process. What an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

it is the centre of the universe and everthing elese revolves and depends upon it. what a moment. ja

Anonymous said...

Your words have made my heart sing and be filled with joy! What blessings! What the future holds for a newly awakened humankind.....and we are only at the beginning.....the dawn of a New Day..........and for some unexplainable reason we are a part of this. What greater bounty is there than this? To be able to be a part of this New Day!

SAM said...

Hey hey, Shidan, you have a blog! It was awesome to find you again in such an important matter with such nice analysis.

Your pictures really show the disintegration process and your text the need for a new model of leadership!

I'll certainly coming back here!

Your friend,

Barmak Kusha said...

Shidan, you're a natural journalist!

limonana said...

great post shido!!! my feelings on the matter exactly...

amy said...

shido JOON! I agree. very well said!

cartadosahba said...

SHIDOLINO!! just letting you know that I'm subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

meanwhile, just yesterday I thought about something related to this election that just... struck me.

there's this concept called "wisdom of crowds" (wikipedia it, if you'd like to), which is essentially how a group of people will reach "the right decision", or, "the right choice" - no matter how ignorant that group of people may be regarding the matter at hand.

there are fascinating and practical applications of this: for an example, a few decades ago a group of people was asked to guess where a lost US Navy submarine could be - essentially because the Navy itself was running out of ideas. The aggregate of all those guesses was just a few hundred yards from where the stranded submarine was (and this was at a place several miles away from where the Navy, with all its experts, was guessing - if they hadn't asked this random group of people, the crew of the submarine would've perished before the Navy would've gotten to them).

anyway, going straight to the point: I was thinking to myself about how this election works. I mean, think about it. you have 9 people from each of the 153 countries, and they vote for whom they think is best, right? but... the vote is so amazingly disperse! and.. the voters are so diverse themselves - you have a farmer from africa and a businessman from europe, you know? it's just kind of odd that the end result should be a good one.

now here's what blew my mind away:
James Surowiecki, the main "proponent" of the "wisdom of crowds" concept, states that there are 4 conditions that need to be met in order for "wisdom" to emerge from a "crowd":

1) Diversity of opinion: Each person should have private information even if it's just an eccentric interpretation of the known facts.

2) Independence: People's opinions aren't determined by the opinions of those around them.

3) Decentralization: People are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge.

4) Aggregation: Some mechanism exists for turning private judgments into a collective decision.

Well I'll be damned if science and religion aren't in harmony!!!


Shido said...

sahba, that is so interesting dang!
im well impressed!!!!!
wow! it is so cool to see that we have so much research to be done still, but that there are so many wonderful experiments and theories that have been developed!
thanks for sharing!!!
and thanks for all the other comments guys...!