Tuesday, March 25, 2008


dear all...
i just got back from a four day youth conference in italy.
in truth i really lack the adequate words to describe it all though some might say that i always lack the adequate words.

First things first. I love my Faith.
It is the greatest treasure i could have ever been given. It is the reason for all that i will list below, and is the only reason for all of my happiness.

Second, i was re-born italian in these four days. I love Italy, and my wonderful friends.

Third, i am truly in a loving mood. I promise, and all in the conference can testify to this, that if you stand within my arm range i will hug you. There is no escaping this.

Fourth, i am so glad to have so many examples to follow.

Fifth, im no fool when i say that i wish to become a tool.

Sixth, i love Jamshid Varjavandi and Samir Tebiani.

Seventh, my dog is about to give birth to puppies. Ok this has little to do with Faith, but it is God's creation so... i am quite excited!

And last i love the fact that whoever is truly born after me is so much better than me. Thank God.

This is a post that i wish to dedicate to all my brothers and sisters. Without doubt, though it might not be the same for them, i feel a lot of love for a lot of people.
You are mines rich in gems of inestimable value.
You are creation and possibility.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

spring is blogging my view man!

i am going to italy tomorrow for 10 days.

im excited at the thought of being with mom and dad, and all my friends!yet i feel a bit strange... and strange is the word i use when something is hard to explain...

i just guess its that time of the year when things, as a student, start going a bit faster and you loose track of all the people around you...

also i realise that every time spring is around the corner things get interesting.
questions pop-up...
i think it is the idea that when life is re-born we do not know where it will take us...

what will happen this year? where will i end up being... what will i be doing?

Does anyone else feel that way?

i just know that for example last year i was watching football and studying, and i could not foresee my glorious entry in the blogging world! :)

anyway, i just want to say that i feel very lucky, and greatful for all that i have been given.

even these moments of questioning!

only love for you blog-readers

End of... i forgot what number i am on... checking it is just a click away but i am lazy..


Saturday, March 15, 2008

abducted mind

i am fasting.
and i am a happy faster.
it is nearly over (5 more days) though.

it is quite sad really. i am sure who has been fasting can agree with that...
i am not going to lie that normal eating life is also great, but these 19 days are special.

the only thing i really suffer is the being tired and a bit lazy...
which potentially can mean that my mind will go wondering around too much...
at times it wonders in places i do not like! memories of the past, or prejudices of the present, or ideas of a future which is a bit confusing.
so i have to call in the rescue team with their guns and armor.
i brief them quickly about what the problem is, and who is keeping my mind captive.
i tell them to shoot anything mean down, and to take no prisoners.
just go rescue her, my mind.
they leave the general quarters, and with their fast-armored-tank enter that region.
it is quite dark with zombies and monsters...
but since its my mind i have a good map, so i can tell them exactly where to go without getting lost...
so they go, they find her, they shoot down all those crazy abductors and to the sound of a great song they carry her home!

i've been watching too many movies...

anyway i reccomend to all of you guys to listen to these artists; 'band of horses', 'kyte', 'albert hammond jr.', 'the photographic', 'bon iver'.

sometimes my blog is part of the rescue team


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

footie tragedy

to all football lovers this season has been a true disaster.
english football is dominating in europe, something which is truly embarassing.

the only team i can accept from england is arsenal, and they do not have one english player in the first team. that is why they play great football. and do not come and talk to me ou man utd. they are ok because they have some good players with terrible attitudes. i will not mention the other two teams who are destroying the image of football.

it is a disaster this year. hopefully Roma or Barca will remind the brits that football is a game that is meant to be fun...

its all fault of the pound!

at least in the euro cup we will not have to see the terrible football played by england...

end of this dissapointed and dissapointing post


Saturday, March 8, 2008

being who we are

helo... with one l... i'm feeling gentle today... :)

most of the time when i would hear people say 'you have to accept and love yourself ', i would shiver.

it just did not sound right.

probably it is because i associated it with looking at the pimples in the mirror, or the extra love you had on your belly, and saying 'i love myself anyway'. i never thought that was the reality of a person so... that helped me out!

the other day i was reflecting in the tube while coming back home.
and i thought that it takes a lot of guts to accept who we are as a person.

it is hard to be who we are. we have to fight two battles, first one within, then one with the outside world.

accepting the fact that we are not perfect, that we are wrong 99% of the time, that we have to really get rid of self if we want to have any chance to be right, and in that case it would not even be because of us but because we received guidance! it is like the total reduction of ego.

totally hard.

on top of that we have to get over the idea that people will think (once we have chosen to stand for what is right, even though we are far from being right) we are hyopcrits.

that requires a lot of courage, because nobody wants to appear as fake or as having double standards.

but at the end we have to just accept that it is a struggle worth living.

i feel there is nothing more hard, testing, painful and at the same time refreshing and memorable for a person than standing for what is right.

all we need is courage.

roaaaaaaaaaar! and there goes my being gentle...

end of 25th post


Thursday, March 6, 2008

everyone is one

yesterday i stopped and looked at myself.
and realised i categorize everything.
and more importantly everyone. its as if i am putting a special colured label on people.
do you do it as well?

because i figured it is wrong! i mean i always knew it i guess.

in reality we are all so different! its just that for our tiny brains it is easier to deal with things that way.

well i decided i will bend my brain and will not allow it to put any of you or anyone i see on the street in a certain category!

though i must also say that i think the problem arises because we ourselves want to fit into categories of people... it is easier that way. or we identify in certain group attitudes some of our attitudes...

well i am stating the obvious.
i guess i am part of the OPC (obvious people category)!

in my next post i shall talk about truthfulness!
i also want to talk about accepting who we are, and about being hypocrite.
a lot to talk about!

a big smile from the OPC world

End of 24th post


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

music sounds better with you!

its 6 52 am.
i am at my mate's place.
since we started fasting i decided i was gonna wake up at 5 30 and walk over to his place for food and prayers. the only thing i don't like is the cold. in fact at 5 30 am, i put jeans and a coat, and in 5 minutes im on the street.
which inevitably means that i will freeze, because my body just woke up.
anyway it is only a 7 minute walk so its all good...

it is actually great to be able to share these moments with someone.
i realise that company in life is something we need.
and as all God-sent things it is something we need to know how to control and have in moderation.

"In all matters moderation is desirable. If a thing is carried to excess, it will prove a source of evil." Baha'u'llah

thats why i feel we all shouldn't socialise excessively. it becomes useless and does not serve its purpouse, which is to grow.
it actually prevents us from growth.

after this lecture (haha) i am going back home.

Only love to all.
That is not in moderation. ive gotta work on it maybe... but maybe i wont...


Sunday, March 2, 2008

so fast

hello friends!

I am happy to announce that tomorrow me, as well as many of you, will be fasting!
Baha'is around the world will refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for the next 19 days!
It sounds crazy and harsh i know, but it is without a doubt the best 19 days of the year.
And truly you can't understand it until you experience it.
Sure at times it is hard, as time seems not to pass, and the emptiness inside our stomach grows, but the struggle and the fight with ourselves is so uplifting.
Bahai's take the fast as a period of meditation, contemplation, bonding, fellowship and action. It is a time in which we are urged to grow and detach ourselves from this earthly plane.

It is truly magnificent to be able to look around and see people striving together for the same purpouse and reason!

Interestingly enough, fasting inevitably means that we will grow spiritually, but also that we will be eating more quantities of food for 19 days!
In fact dinners are usually a bit of a feast!

I really wish to all of you a wonderful 19 days of fasting, and if you are not able to join us because you are pregnant or you are sick, i truly env..mh... i meant i am truly sorry for you.

Its the spirit that counts no? :)

No kidding now. I love you all.


PS; this is my first ever PS on a blog
PPS; my sister and leila started this cool fast themed project. check it out at
i wish all an inspiring, uplifting, and most importantly hungry, fast!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


where to start...?
so i guess the first thing i want to mention is that i met another brother.

Chase Foster.
Awesome man. It surprised me (something which lately does not happen) to see how close you can be to someone without even having spent 24 hours together.

Anyway i just had a great dream last night.

I will not go into details, but it said basically that we should not accept lemons in life(lemons represented, in the dream, outcomes or fruits that were un-important and meaningless).

We should fight for meaning, every second.

I want more than lemons.