Monday, January 21, 2008

but not really?

i am back!
as you all know i've had some friends over this weekend and it has been great.
many memories were brought out of our brains and hearts, they were cleaned up, and finally enjoyed. i guess its like vintage wine... though i don't know what vintage wine tastes like... im guessing its quite good!
the four of us are so different in so many ways. it is evident when we are around each other. but its funny cause, i tell everyone i am a proud italian, but not really, one was a crazy scotsman trying to be a vegetarian, but not really, one was a canadian with a strong belief in healthy eating, but not really, as the first thing he brings to my flat are 4 choccolate bars, and the last was a brasilian doctor, but not really, as he could not fix us all.
so we are quite inconsistent... you would say at least... in reality i think we all realised how diversity is the sweetest thing ever. and how at the same time we are all so similar.
and i think the love we commonly share for our Faith, makes us one, though we all had our ideas of how things are meant to be done...
this was my small, and weird tribute to three great friends who i truly love, and who gave me 4 days of joy.
end of fifth post.



amy said...

SHIDO! i love you. i love your blog.

shammer said...

Hey Shido, I have a great name for your blog. You should call it: