Tuesday, January 15, 2008

week of love


So it appears as if i might have to drop the blog for some days now...

But there is a very good reason! three close friends of mine from my year of service in Israel at the Bahai World Center will be visiting!

Also my sister and brother in law, with my little nephew Matisse, will be coming to town!!

It is truly a week of pure love! I am so happy!

Today i really don't know what to talk about. I know what i will be talking about soon though! Being positive vs being negative.. broad i know.. but its something i've been thinking about lately so...

anyway for today i think i will share an idea i had while in Israel.

As i was told the story of how once Baha'u'llah, while in prison, made a funny remark, and uplifted the hearts of all the people around Him, i thought that if God could tell us a joke, it would be without a doubt the perfect joke. It would make EVRYONE laugh, no matter what cultural background, no matter what sex, age or religion. It would be clean, it would be smart... It could potentially make us laugh forever!

I would love to hear Him tell a joke...

So no matter what happens, remember to laugh and smile, cause i'm sure He likes us happy, not sad...

End of fourth post


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Manijeh said...

welcome to the blogging world! looking forward to reading more posts.... and see you sunday!!!!