Wednesday, January 30, 2008


well hello all!

few, but most definetly all!

this week is a busy one really.. i have a few assignments that i have to hand-in for next week, and i haven't started yet.

I'm gonna start working on them soon, but i don't want to stop posting now...
yesterday someone read my posts out loud to me. it was quite an experience. it gave me a weird feeling, it made me happy.
i think everyone who writes a blog should ask others to read their blog to them.
I realised that i need to learn to express myself better (though in truth i've always known that... highschool essays permenantly returned to me with a 5 out of 10 written in red on them... my teacher was trying to say "you have a brain and some good ideas...Tarzan").
but i also realised that i am managing to do what i initially planned to do, which was to be simple.
it really sounds simple, like a book for children.
is that good? you can answer yourself.
i quite like it that way.
simplicity does it for me now.
maybe one day i'll grow up, and address things in a more mature way...
but for now i'll stick with this style!
i am descovering something about myself.... In the dust of the internet...

Thanks to all of you for your support!

And start your own blog, as i want to read what you have to say!

End of this simple 9th post...



amy said...

simple is best, and your blog is inspiring. I find it such a good exercise in writing, in collecting my thoghts...

Anonymous said...

your blog is awesome, i love your ideas and thoughts! it has become my daily routine to read it :)
keep up the good work!