Sunday, January 13, 2008

why a blog?


Im sitting here, in front of my computer, trying to find a reason for this blog to exist.

I do not know what i will be writing about, i do not know if tomorrow i will regret it, close the account, and get back to my blogless life.

I know that some reasons for starting this blog are not plausible.

Popularity is not what im aming at. I see bloggers as a bunch of losers and geeks with a talent... i anyways am not part of them really, since writing has never been my skill!

Motivation then is the question for today...

And the only answer i gave myself was by remembering a wonderful book called "The Seven Valleys". In this book, Baha'u'llah, its Author, talks about the journey we all go through in life, a journey which takes us through 7 valleys.

Now the first valley is the valley of search, and it is said that in this one valley, all that really counts is your patience! And it says that you should search for meaning under every stone, in the dust and in all places....

...My thought was that the internet might be one of these... hoping to find more meaning...

i now close the first post.



naysOFF said...

i'd rather have a lifeless blog than a blogless life.

you are so *on*.


shammer said...

bravo shido! to be fair it seems your blog is more representative of the seventh valley.

amy said...

that's just mean sham.