Sunday, January 13, 2008

i'm still here

i am still here!
I can't sleep much lately so this morning i tried to create a header for the blog.
I remembered this picture i took in boston and i think it rocks.. and with the help of two friends i edited it. i am also new to photoshop so...
the title for the blog, ShidON was inspired by a mistake.. or maybe two..
Reason 1) my mom is american. she says shidon instead of shidan, so all my friends at school called me shidon. in my first years in italy i was Shidon. so im going back to my rootes... on a side note, they also called me shidy in italy, which is NOT going to work in english speaking countries, so i had to change that to shido. i still remember, my first week out of italy, a girl asked me what my nickname was. i foolishly, and with a smile, said shidy... it is true that at home we live in a glass wonderworld...
Reason 2) i shot a short film with a group from uni (, and in the credits my name was spelt shidon. first i was annoyed, then i thought it worked since i want to turn on the spiritual side of things. thats why ON...
does that make any sense to you?
i hope so.
see you later.
end of second post.


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