Thursday, January 31, 2008

OberTH Vs ShidON

i don't want time zones to exist.

they have to be there i guess, but if i could choose i wouldn't have them.

i would have something different. probably would build a huge mirror which would reflect the sun when faced towards it, and cover earth when its inbetween our globe and the big fire ball. This way all the earth could be full of light at the same time, and dark at the same time which would mean all things would work differently, i know.

but it would also mean that people would all work and live at the same time around the world. no more jet-lag, no more new-year celebrated at one time somewhere and two hours later somewhere else.

Anyway that is pure genious, but i don't work for NASA and i don't have the money.
But when in the future they build this huge mirror (cause they will), i will have a patent for it. and it will be called, i-mirror.... or e-mirror!

its my idea!

oh.. wait.. i just saw that it was thought of long ago... mr. herman Oberth (it says he was a great mathematician and physicist... someone is smart here eh?) considered it.. check it out at this webpage!

well... good job to my mate Oberth... but i am the future man!

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amy said...

if time zones didn't exist i would call you all the time. nice picture. can't wait to see you. jet lagged or not!

Shido said...

i would call myself all the time too!
love ya sis!