Sunday, January 27, 2008

new york i love you, but you are freaking me out

i have this song stuck in my head.

i need to find a solution to get rid of it.

yesterday, if you didnt know it, was australia day. we went to this australian party.

i've never been to australia. i'm pretty sure its amazing!

i mean the beaches, the sea, the hot climate, the animals, pharan :)... i'd love to go.

but if its like what i've seen yesterday please don't buy me a ticket!

Anyways, when i left the party in my typically aussie flip flops and shorts, i went to catch the bus and i got to talk with this awesome dude, called Ali Omar.

He sells corn at the bus stop.

I initially got close to the stall cause i was freezing, and the heat of the steam could help reduce the pain of waiting for the 148.

So we started talking and he made me believe he was from brazil. Then he said he was from africa without specifing which country.

It was cool that way. No need to localize.

His joke allowed me to share the idea that we are all from planet earth, and all come from the same place. He agreed.

And then he told me he was a muslim. And when he mentioned Mohammad, he would always whisper "Blessings be upon Him" or "May peace be upon Him". And he did it also when i said the name of the Messenger. I liked that.

I think there is a light in some people, which is so bright it shines through their eyes. Its love.
We talked only for 20 minutes, not more, but his eyes were shining when he talked of his belief.

He was so in love with his Faith. This heat made me forget the cold feet, and legs.

Corny love kept me warm at the bus stop.

End of 8th post



Anonymous said...

i love you, main!

you and your blog are the best.

okay you and your sister and your blogs are the best.

but i love you, main!

MayMay said...

shidan....ur such a sweety!!
im liking ur blog, always a surprise in store :)