Friday, January 25, 2008

consumer power

hey all!
yesterday my old man bag, which my sister gave me as a gift in India two years ago, started to fall apart.

My bag had no name, it had no crazy design or special label, but we shared a lot together.
In the last two years we have travelled together to India, Italy, England, Wales, Slovakia, Ecuador, USA, France, Israel. It carried so many different things! Ipod, computer, books, gameboy, camera... and it did all this with UBER style. No kidding. At least im convinced of this!

Its sad. I feel like tom hanks in "Cast away" when he lost Wilson the volleyball (one of the most painful scenes in cinema history).... except i do not live on an island, and my bag is still ok. Its just slightly broken, and i don't need to throw it away.

But for one split second yesterday, i felt like maybe i should buy a new one.

Maybe one with a label, with a cool design, and all the things that apparantly really matter.
I felt power. Consumer Power.
It feels good actually. You feel you can go on a special trip to replace broken things.
Or fill necessities. Or just spend to look better and not out of place.

But after that split second i zoomed back on my little man bag.
And i said, no way man!
This bag was just too special! it was a gift from my styled-up sister, it had been with me everywhere, it was cheap, it was of great quality. In fact in the last two years, while friends had to replace bags because they were breaking, mine had lasted long, and like a soldier in a war it gained value!

I guess this is all a metaphor, and what i want to say is that you should think well before replacing someone, or a feeling, cause at times it will never really work out. Instead fight to fix things, don't give into the consumer beast in you who pushes you to take the easy way out and replace emotions.
At times you'll have to replace, because of necessity, but always give it all you have!
It kinda feels like the first pair of shoes you really consumed, the ones you never would have exchanged even if they had holes, but that your mom, rightly so, secretly threw away because they weren't repearable, and maybe could have harmed you in many ways.

But then inevitably, love pushed you to search the trash.

End of seventh post.



amy said...


shirin sahba said...

hey shido, i just found your blog on amy's...i think it's great! i'm not going to lie though, i laughed at nays & sham's comments, regardless i bet they are addicted to reading your blog by now!
once i had a pair of sneakers i wore for years & loved, then i found them one day next to a trash bin many neighborhoods away from i picked them up & kept wearing mom was so shocked that i found them again after she did that!

Anonymous said...

we are all addicted...seriously. loving it. but your man bag really saddedn me. i will fight the 1.3 billion indians and get to jan path and find you a man-lier bag. promise. but brace for the possibilty of it not being what the first one was. jaja