Saturday, February 2, 2008

birthday agenda

it really is a special day i guess... and i have three things to share.

item 1) Gifts

i woke up really early today as i've been doing for the last month really...
and i left my home to meet a friend who prepeared tiramisu for my birthday and wanted to give it to me.... i tried it and its so good... made with love as they say...

but its funny cause all the gifts i received until now have been food based! and i know more delicious things are coming up. and its so nice! i am so happy! you are all so kind!
you make me think that you must really associate shidan with food... but while others would find that a bit weird, i think thats great!

Im proud of it!

item 2) Trees

now onto the second item for the day... as i woke up the sun was shining and the sky was blue, which is quite unusal when you live in london!

its God's gift to me for today...! and i'm sure its making others happy as well...! so thats two gifts!
but as i was on the way to meet my friend, the bus stopped at the traffic light and i had a tree right next to my window.

and i looked at it...

and i noticed it was quite complex, with tiny little branches going everywhere... and i associatedthat with a human being trying to find his way in life, and made many turnes and twists.
and it all felt so complex. so i thought that maybe life was that way, complex.

but since i believe in simplicity, i tried to think of the one thing that could give to that huge mess of branches and twigs a meaning.

and then i realised that its the direction that they point at!!!

they are all going up! they are all pointing at the source of life! the sun!
that was another gift of God for me today!

item 3) The one thing i always do on my birthday

finally, i must talk about one man, who makes my birthday great every year.
and his name is luciano ligabue.
he is my favourite artist, he is italian, and he makes my birthdays special.
the first time i really started apreciating his music was on a trip with my dad to germany so everytime i hear his music i think of that!

listen to this song...

Ok once again i hope you are using thes 2nd of Feb to be happy!


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