Wednesday, February 13, 2008

fruit falls from the tree

hello lovely people of the world!

today i was home, i went to university, i felt unchallenged, and i got really bored.
and when i came home for lunch i felt a bit helpless...!
i watched 'juno' which i reccomend to all as i found it really nice.
but i needed something more!
so i started reading, and it really did not do it either.
so i started studying, and that did not make me feel right.

so finally i decided that i would walk outdoors, since it was a nice day in london, and try and share the message of unity that Baha'u'llah, the Messenger of God who established the Bahai Faith, brought to me and the world.
as a Bahai i always want to share this wonderful message that i have discovered, but at times i am scared of how people will look at me. i dont want to annoy anyone.

but since in my heart i felt my intentions were pure and i knew i wasnt going out to convert anyone, i decided to try and talk to people around me.

and it has been so wonderful.
and i came to realise a great thing.

in life we can't always wait for things to hit us.
with purity of motive and cristaline intentions, we need to go and search for the hearts of people and share true love with them.

i am so glad i found the courage to do it.
it is a true blessing to meet so many wonderful souls in our life.

all of a sudden life is again full of meaning!

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Anonymous said...

Your blogs are great... and it really makes me realise that you are good hearted and it takes alot to build up the courage to talk to strangers... i will try someday.. lol.. keep up the good work :p

Ghetto Blaster said...

Courage is always there knowing that Baha'u'llah works through your pure, clear channel. He is the Wizard behind the curtain, minus the fact that the wizard was really just an illusion and kinda a fake...But, you know what I mean ;)

Keep it up, the feeling is truly immense!