Thursday, February 14, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

i am leaving on a jet plane to boston tomorrow!

Maybe i will post from over there if i find the time!
i really have no idea what to write today. maybe i'll talk about patience since i am trying to be!

you know that feeling you had as a kid when you were waiting for the bus to arrive, or for someone to pick you up?

i remember after judo lessons my mom would usually be 20 minutes late in picking me up... sometimes less, other times more.
while waiting i would kick bottles and stones around and walk up and down the road.
if 20 minutes passed and she still wasn't there, i would start a little guessing game.
i would estimate a number of cars that would pass me, depending on how busy the street was, for example 9, and then would count cars and see if my mom was the 9th car that passed me.

i would play that for a while and never managed to get it right! there is no formula i guess...

then if 30 minutes passed (which happened quite often) i would sit down somewhere and feel grumpy. i would think crazy things in my head, like 'why is she not around?', 'who is more important than me??', 'she better cook some really good food tonight....' and i would feel very upset.
then if another 10 minutes passed, i would start to worry... and wonder what might be a plausible excuse for her being late? it was a bit scary so i didn't give too much thought to that.
but then, far away at the end of the road, i would see those headlights, that i knew so well.

i would pick up my bag, stop all games, and would get ready to board the car with a grumpy face.
and then the door opened and i would hear the most ear-breaking 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' i had ever known.
and that was mom. and that 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiii' so high in pitch would shatter the glass of grumpiness!

and all was fine.

i guess it has to do with patience....and forgiveness... and learning that some things are worth getting upset for, whereas others are just useless...

love to you all..

end of 17th post!


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amy said...

no shido! sono praticamente in lacrime, la mia mamma!!!