Saturday, February 9, 2008

think outside the socks

good day to all!

my house has been invaded and turned upside down by my sister sharim, her husband and my wonderful nephew matisse! its so good!
i found some time to write something today, as i feel i need it.
in particular i wanted to discuss very briefly the concept of creative thinking in realtion to business ethics.

the first thing my business school taught me is that if you want to wear business socks you need to simply follow two rules:

1) make profit
2) make lots of profit

so now, in my final year, after 2 years of talking to me about how to make profits, they bring out issues of social responsibility, and of creativity.

its as if they are saying: "we'll teach and encourage you to find the way to make money... and if you want you can find a creative way to make it all look ethical"

is it possible to be profitable and at the same time ethical and socially responsible?
first of all it has to be said that firms KNOW they have to go the socially repsonsible way if they want to make profits, as consumers are just not going to accept all the un-ethical decisions they take. but this is just a cover-up...

the only way to truly change corporate cultures is by thinking creatively out of the box, or outside of the business socks, and re-establishing what the goals of businesses are.

profits are important if we want to establish successful organizations, but what drives us should be the desire to serve and create a new social reality.
its very difficult, particularly because there are so few examples out there of truly different firms, but i think we should all stand up and try.

that is why i love the holes in my socks.

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amy said...

holy holey boy.
give the kid a squeeze!

Anonymous said... can't just start a blog and dissapear for four days. what is this? now, pull of your ethical socks and 'facci sognare'! jaja

shirin sahba said...

bless your socks for being holey!! otherwise they would be stuffy silk kind that come up past your knees & are held up by even stuffier suspenders...