Tuesday, February 26, 2008

comforting comfort

guys, when you are comfortable things are great. we should all want to be comfortable.
comfort is so nice.

i was sitting with my brother (in-law is just a formality) Jalil on these amazing comfortable chairs in a store full of cool items.
those chairs were sweet.
they were massaging my back, my legs, my feet, my hands.
it was so incredible. true comfort. it was just nice. i felt a bit lazy and sick of it but couldnt get up...
i really did not want to leave but when my nephew clearly expressed his un-willingness to stay in the shop (with a big 'AAAAAAA') i had to get up.
and i realised i had lost a lot of my energy. and i was a bit dizzy. and i was just not myself anymore.

so i was actually happy my nephew did scream and shout.
it was true salvation.
so get comfortable and secure, but not too much or you will not be happy.
if you feel too comfortable probably something is wrong.
make sure you have a baby around, so he will tell you to get up!

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ews said...

So true. A baby around will keep you from becoming complacent! I heard from Amy that you were blogging. Very nice blog!

amy said...

hey boy - i agree. getting out of your comfort zone is when the fun begins...

shirin sahba said...

I completely agree...it's time we all get out of our big fluffy massaging chairs & do something uncomfortably good for the rest of the world!