Saturday, February 23, 2008

snow in new york

i never thought i'd have the privilege in my life to see new york city covered in snow.
yesterday as i woke up in my sisters flat, i saw all was white and all was soft, and cold.
it is such an amazing sight!
i must say that though its cold, i like nyc so much more in the winter rather than in the summer... its just less messy!

as i was looking outside and was seeing the white rooftops, and the footprints of people, i started to think that i wanted to post something.
i havent in one whole week! its just wrong.

yet i do not know what i want to talk about at the moment.
i guess the snow has to melt so the landscape of reason can be clear.
until then i shall not say much!

oh and please, if you leave a comment, which i always appreciate, state who you are!! no anonymous for me!

but remember i am here...
love to all



Ghetto Blaster said...

Agreed! NYC is better in the winter... you are always ready for the cold when you know its going to be cold, but that summer humidity is inescapable and painful!

now come experience winter in California! you'll LOVE it ;) location, location, location!

amy said...

i am glad you liked the snow! i special ordered it, just for you. i'm powerful and thoughtful like that! and remember, you can come back any time!

leila said...

shidan, are you still in NY? can you please give your sister a big hug from me and say that she's the snowiest?

that is all!

p.s. i come here sometimes. i read. and i like the way you sign out of your posts. it's like reading telegrams from the war.