Thursday, February 28, 2008

Number 20

its my 20th post!!!!
i am planning to invent a new crazy dance move by the time i get to n100...
that gives me enough time i think...

yesterday i woke up, and this weird feeling was creeping up on me. as if something was meant to happen, something that i had no clue about. i didnt know if it was good or bad, quick or slow, personal or societal.

but nothing did happen. i called my mom, and asked if anything happened in italy.
i asked friends. i checked everywhere. i watched the news.
but nothing happened.

Did anything crazy happen to anyone of you blog readers yesterday?

was it just me who had this strange thought and feeling??
maybe we are all connected and one of you reached my soul.

i know i sound like one of those UFO fans. or anyway someone crazy that way. nothing against UFO hunters....
but the feeling was so real, i cant express it.

i am left now with a feeling of 'uh?' inside me. yes 'uh?' is all i can use to explain it.
two letters, simple, read it as you want to. i think it really expresses the feeling in me.
that dissapointment, and at the same time that knowing that it could have been bad news or events and i am lucky not to know, but then the question mark reconnecting me to my dissapointment for not having understood things.

i wonder...

end of 20th post



Elizabeth said...

Could it have been that mixed feeling of happiness and dread that some get at this time of year because at the back of your mind you know THE FAST is coming?

amy said...

i do believe elizabeth makes a very solid point. Yes. it is fast approaching.
all is good here in nyc. no imminent doom or anything like that. love you!

Ghetto Blaster said...

1. congratulations on the 20th post, I look forward to the new dance move for 100th post... In fact you should video tape it and make it the topic of the 100th!

2. tried to think of yesterday's events that would be noteworthy of the UFO government intelligence group but came up empty handed. Well, actually, I was forced to watch a video about bestiality in my deviant behavior class yesterday, and those people were definitely out of this world. hmm? Not sure if that was what you were looking for... sorry if that ruined your appetite

leila said...

i watched "The U.S. versus John Lennon" yesterday. it made my skin crawl a lot. was that it?

love from leila

Anonymous said...

no...ieri notte ho fatto un sogno incredibile. a new york, una catastrofe. non ricordo bene, l'unica cosa che ricordo e che eravamo tutti sparpagliati per new york e ad un punto da un palazzo guardavamo queste immense esplosioni che man mano si avvicinavano. tremava tutto. boh...might have just been nay's snoring.