Saturday, February 2, 2008



today is my birthday (2nd of february)...
i've been searching for a quote that could really give meaning to this moment, but couldn't find it...!
don't get me wrong i believe birthdays are special, i think all of us are here for a reason, and that this is a good enough reason for all to celebrate.
so be happy for your birthdays cause life is a gift... and celebrate your friends cause they are a gift sent to you!

but going back to the idea that there is not much meaning to be given to this birthday, i think i feel this way cause i dont have next to me the people who were there on my real birth day, 22 years ago.
i really associate birthday with family more than with friends i guess...

i've been learning detachment in the last few days...
but interestingly at times when i want to think clear and be cool, things come and find me in my sleep...
i guess i need to increase my capacity to be detached then!
that will be my goal, at least on my birthday.
i will be cool.

I wish you all a great, detached, loving, 2nd of Feb.

End of 11th post (22/2=11 WOW)



amy said...

it's not your birthday yet here in NYC - but happy birthday! i remember the day you were born. we were all outside in the waiting room, though as the 5 year old i was then, i really didn't see WHAT the big deal was. sharim and our aunt were holding hands and jumping up and down and i remember being hit by one of their elbows in my nose and just bleeding non stop... aaaah, good old days. but you were cute and snuggly and I am quite sure i only tried to kill you once or twice when you were just a wee one.

liamk said...
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liamk said...

hey bro, happy birthday!
thanks so much for the lovely tribute you paid to me, Justin and shidan, it was an amazing four days, was exactly what I needed.
loving the blog bro,I've become an avid reader.
take care and come to Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

i remember you big nose and your sqinting eyes...wondering who was yelling ya'baha'u'abha repetedly and why you little sqirt of a siter was beeding from her nose. i was so happy and felt 'spodestata' at the same time. thanking God for you, Shido... our 'light upon light'! happy 2nd fo feb!

cartadosahba said...

"(22/2=11 WOW)"