Tuesday, April 1, 2008

back on track

i am back in london..
these are my last two months here.
then i am going to china.


anyway i had an amazing week in verona.
as boring as that city is, we managed with some friends to make it a great week, probably one of the best weeks i ever had in italy!

many things happened, many hearts were opened, many people were met, many eyes sparkled...
i am so glad to have deepened my friendship with so many people.
and as these events developed a feeling of purpouse kept on increasing in my heart...
and now i am happy that my eagerness to do something with my life has increased!

the only thing that makes me sad is the idea that i really did not spend enough time with my mom and dad.
but it is ok as we all know why this happened and why it will keep on happening...
because of our Faith!

we'll have all of eternity to chill together!

thanks to all who shared this phenomenal week with me, and who have inspired me and helped me in my everyday work!

back on track with my blog... but not with my soul, as in reality i became a little airplane...



amy said...

ciaaaapppi! welcome back. enjoy these last two months and get ready for the big adventure. love you.

Elizabeth said...

China! Right on....Shidon. :) That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

si...c'e' l'eternita' ma c'e' anche la floooooooooorida!! i adore you a little more, but just for today.

amy said...