Monday, April 14, 2008

'going commando'

'In military science, the term commando can refer to an individual, a military unit, or a raiding style of military operation. In some contexts, "commando" means elite light infantry or special forces'

ok. before the official post about a lost battle but a war continuing, i would like to know two things.

a) why is there such a thing as military science? i thought it was all about Rambos and stuff...

b) who has an idea of what the term 'going commando' means....?

now the title of my serious post was going to be 'going commando'. i do not know why, but i searched the meaning of going commando on google and always according to my buddy Wik:

'Going commando (or to go commando) is the practice of not wearing underwear under one's outer clothing.'

anyway i thought that was something of interest... i want to understand how it developed.

I am sure Arnie had to dispose of his undies in order to carry that rocket launcher....!

Get into tha choppa!


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amy said...

shido. please don't go commando on us.