Monday, April 7, 2008

lost in an aisle

i need some fresh air! please!
i am awaiting for some sort of fresh experience to just come and pick me up!

but i guess i can't expect that.
so i figured that soon i will have to find new projects to take on!

i've changed the color of the logo (not really a logo), but for some weird reason it does not come out all crisp and nice. i have to find a solution.

or i can take it all as a sign. i need to make a new one!

any suggestions?

oh, and i realise my posts have been descending slowly into some sort of useless chat.
so i will put more effort into them. i promise.
its just that i have this coursework in for tomorrow, and it is haunting me.
i feel it around me. it covers my eyes and my ears.
i do not sense anything that is not Carrefour related... i don't like them very much!

at least they give me hope, as i know i am capable of better logos than theirs...

i apologise TO the essence of this 32nd post, which has been lost somewhere in a supermarket aisle, among the 100 different types of cereal, and the 50 dish-washer soaps ones.



amy said...

it happens sometimes. especially before a big deadline. get it done and then you'll see all your creative forces will be unleashed!

limonana said...

did you save the image "for web" in photshop? it loses it's quality if you don't do that...i only discovered this a few weeks ago myself :O)