Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i am banksy

just kidding!

to some extent i wish i was banksy! I think he is an amazing artist.

But is he just an artist?! I think he is an artist, and a super hero! He manages to be invisible!

To all of you un-aware, like i was until recent, of who Banksy is go to

That shall answer your questions.

Some things do not say much to me. But most of it is very interesting.

His projects are without a doubt ambitious, and at times probably a bit over the top.

But some things he states are so wonderful and thought provoking.

I would even say uplifting. Though this is down to interpretation!

One of his graffiti read ' people who enjoy waving flags don't deserve one'



Stephan said...
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Stephan said...

shido, sorry here is the real link.


amy said...

really interesting work!!! thanks for sharing shido...

Ghetto Blaster said...

YOU are banksy?!

the mystery has been uncovered! i LOVE your work ;)