Thursday, April 10, 2008

flowery road

i have some issues with blogger as i find it hard to personalise it as i want...
i need to ask amy how!

i am now officially alone in london. my flatmate has left, and i am really feeling lonely.
this is also partly the reason for my lack of blogging! I need inspiration...

yesterday was particularly hard, i just was bored, and my mind was wondering again.
so i decided to rescue it by going for a walk in the park.
well in truth it did not help. my mind still was somewhere lost.
as i made my way through a street in my area of town though, i looked up a little road and thought.
'mh.. i've never been up there!'
so, as you can immagine, an adventure started!

i am so sorry i did not have my camera to take pictures, but i will go back and take some so you can see.
this place was magical. so different from the rest of london.
it was like a small village in the centre of the city, full of color, flowers, old shops, small bakeries...and the best part is that no one really goes through it.
the perfect movie set!
i talked to the locals who seemed so proud of it!
i think the local church really managed to keep things old-school..

this place exists and i was not high.
so when you come visit me in london (only 2 more months left) ask me to take you to flowery road.
i shall not take you to a drug dealer, or a store for mothers and old ladies.
i shall take you to this place which is the proof that religion can do good.

Thank you Kensington Church!


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amy said...

nice new picture! and i'd be happy to help you with layout. just tell me what you want to do!