Monday, April 14, 2008

a trojan horse

now, after that lame post about underwear and commandos, i will try to talk semi-seriously.

i lost a battle the other day. i lose battles every day, but this one was really painful!
i thought i had it all sorted out! no need to really worry...
i thought enemy troops were well away, hiding somewhere and scared to death of me.

then all of a sudden i find this amazing gift of the gods infront of me. i feel special!
i let it all in, saying to my self that it is fine, because the gods have sent it down for me to enjoy, because i have been good and i deserve it!
at night though i can hear some crazy noises in my heart. i look down into my heart and i see thousands of these guys running at me, entering my castle and burning it down! and this is all because of my being supersticious and allowing the trojan horse of ego into my house!
i could not manage.

this metaphore is pretty accurate! :) it transmits the feelings and thoughts of that moment.

cause we do have to fight with our ego every single day.
it is not possible to wake up one day and be done and over with fighting. that would be tooooo easy!

Abdu'l-Baha', the Son of Baha'u'llah, refers to ego as 'the insistent self''.
Interesting and very profound use of words.

So even when you think that the enemy troops are soar and defeated, always be careful cause in reality this war with ego is an endless one, and one were deceit is the most powerful weapon.

the war is endless, and it will always be a pain and a struggle. We will loose many battles. No doubts.

But it is never written anywhere that we have lost the whole war!



amy said...

great explanation of a feeling i am sure we have all felt!

Shido said...

amy is the best...... she is always commenting, and it is something others lack!
love ya sista!

limonana said...

i like this Trojan analogy...very perceptive of you :O)

amy said...

i loooooves you too. i am a stalker.