Wednesday, April 23, 2008


the other night, other than talking about God and His amazing humility, or lack of (just the word lack makes me think He must have it by the way, lack and God do not go well together), we talked about our capacity.

In the Baha'i Faith it is explained that when we are born we come to this world with a capacity.

This capacity is given by the hidden spiritual gems latent within us(our virtues such as generosity or truthfulness) and the talents we are endowed with (some people are more skilful than others at football, or playing the piano, or pubblic speaking).

Yet another important variable in the capacity realm, and one we forget too often, is opportunity of growth. This in other words means that because of the circumstances of life (being born in the western world vs being born in a poor country, or being born in a country where human rights are part of the local laws vs NOT) we have opportunities of growth that others may not have.

This category of Divine endowments though, is a risky one to deal with because it can become the prime reason for our lack of growth (money is a tool that increases our capacities, because it allows us to view the world, travel, know, but only if used correctly and with detachment).

Anyway to explain the concept the Baha'i Faith uses a metaphor of containers. Some have a cup, others a barrel, others a swimming pool, and some a lake.
No one really knows the capacity of others and is unaware of the depth of his/her own.

And it does not matter how good or useless you are, how succesful or unlucky you are in comparison with others.

All that matters is how much you've filled up your container.

God is the only Being capable of judging this. SO DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES OR ASSUMPTIONS!

Now after this intro i will get to the point.

Why do people die prematurely?

This is something we all ask ourselves, and is usually one of the reasons for which many do not believe in a just God.
What i came up with though (and i have no writings as of yet to suggest it is right, which probably indicates it is wrong), is that since God is the only One that truly knows where we stand in terms of our spiritual growth, and He is the most just of justs, when we are taken out of this world, it is probably because we have filled up our cup or capacity.

Since our goal is growth, if we can't go any further, God justly takes us to a place where we can truly acheive and reach the next level!

Now does that sound crazy?


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amy said...

that is an incredibly difficult question. i think our answer will be different depending on what stage of life we are at, what part death has played in your life - if you've experienced it. It's good to ponder on this matter. thank you for inspiring me shido. i love you.