Monday, April 28, 2008

thank you luciano

Last night Luciano Ligabue was in London. This visit is part of his european tour.

Now, you all already know how i feel about Ligabue's music.

The first time i saw him live (it was my first concert ever) was in italy. I was with some of my best friends and approximately other 220.000 people. HUGE. It was amazing. Fireworks, helicopters flying over us, a sea of people.
This time though the venue could only squeeze in 1400 max.

So it was extremely small and comfortable. Some of his hardcore fans drove all the way from italy to support him! He was litterally in front of me.
The two concerts were two hugely different experiences, but to be considered equal in their final outcome.

He is without doubts the greatest artist in italy, not only because of his music and lyrics, but particularly because of his personality. There is something about him which is so human and loving.
When talking to the crowd he experimented with his english, which i must say is great! I screamed he should be our prime minister since berlusconi cant say one single thing well!
And also roberto donadoni was at the concert... donadoni for those who dont know is the coach of the italian national football team. so when there was a moment of calm in the concert we all started singing songs for him, asking him to win the euro cup for us all!
'dacci l'europa! roberto dacci l'europa! dacci l'europa, roberto dacci l'europa!!'
if you are on facebook you can check the videos out.
as you can see by my writing i am still overwhelmed by the beauty of last night...

come vedi sono qui, monta su, non ci avranno fin che questo cuore non, crepera'
di ruggine di botte o d'eta'!



amy said...

shido, i totally get you. i understand. we grew up with the same fabulous music taste. i might just marry luciano. all he needs to do is sing me 'piccola stella senza cielo'. i nearly died this morning when i saw the video you tagged me. i love you. one day, we'll go together. i promise!

Anonymous said...

anch'io voglio vbenire...non so neppure una canzone di con il mio training con i Light, non vi faro' vegognare. promise...oi, shido, see you in 3 weeks!!!

regina dei Tucani said...

Definitely envious! My husband grew fond of him too:P